Welcome to WSCL! 

This is my saddle shop, located in the heart of Central Texas! I make custom saddles fit to both your horse and you, the rider. Horses are measured using the Dennis Lane Equine Back Profiling System to ensure the best fitting tree possible (for custom saddles). All of my trees are constructed by the Bowden Brand Saddle Tree Company, Inc. and are made from Colorado pine and rawhide. In addition, I repair all types of western style horse and mule saddles and tack.


New to the shop is my cowboy boot making station (foreground of the picture above). I will measure your feet and lower legs to build you boots that will perfectly fit your "imperfect" feet. What this means is that as opposed to purchasing a boot from a boot store, which you only have the options of what is on the outside of the boot and the size and width of the boot. My boots will fit your whole foot!


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