Custom & Semi-Custom Saddle Order Form


A semi-custom saddle includes a tree ordered with the swell/fork, horn, cantle, and seat length, of your choice. Additionally, the semi-custom saddle includes your choice of rigging, leather, and tooling.


Please note: a semi-custom tree is built to fit horse breeds on average.


I do not guarantee the fit of the saddle once it is purchased.


I do guarantee the construction of the saddle (fair-wear).


I do guarantee custom trees through the tree maker.


For a custom saddle, I will measure the horse, if you are local to Central Texas.


If you are not local to Central Texas, contact me separately for measurement instructions.


Also, complete the name and address information, select Custom, then skip to Saddle Leather and complete the form.


At the completion of the measurement, but before I submit the order for the tree, you must pay a 35% downpayment. This can be done by cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or Apple Pay (+ 4.5% credit card fees).


Upon receipt of payment your order will be scheduled for manufacture. Expect a 6-8 weeks for the saddle to be built, and a month wait for the completed saddle (build time subject to change based on work requirement).

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