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I can customize holsters for you, for just about any type of pistol. Pictured, in the top row are Johnny Ringo style holsters and rigs. The bottom right pictures show a left-hand Glock and a right hand Beretta. The bottom left are variants of the El Dorado holsters (the type used by John Wayne). 

The top left rig is the "Johnny Ringo" style holster rig (of Tombstone, AZ fame). This holster sports cartridge loops, with the ability to carry up to 38 .45 Long Colt cartridges, decorative silver spots and conchos, and a split suede lining. Please note the blue gun is representative of a .45 caliber 5.5 inch barrel. The holster will hold from 4.75 to 5.5 inch barreled pistols. The belt will fit from a 36" to 42" waist. You may purchase this gun belt for about $155 +tax/shipping.

Finally, I can make magazine cases for your semi-automatic pistols.

For more information about the holsters contact me via the Contact page.

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